First United Methodist Church Slidell, Louisiana
Sunday, January 20, 2019

“Family Connections”


            At First Church, we have something for everybody, and everybody has a place….

For Children, we have an outstanding Children’s Ministry based on the Rotational Sunday School concept.  Come and let your children experience “Bible times” as they meet in the “Tree House,” followed by experiences in the kitchen, art room, media room and even in our computer lab!  Vacation Bible School serves over 400 children, youth and adults each year as we all experience new ways to learn about Jesus.  Special service projects throughout the year teach our children to share and give of themselves to others in need.  And through our Children’s Choir, Music and Drama programs, kids get to learn how to sing praises to God as well as learn to play chimes, bells, percussion, maybe even guitar!, and tell stories of God through skits, plays and programs.  Weekday programs includes a quality Preschool and Mother’s Day Out, based on developmental needs and Christian love and care.  CHILDREN ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED IN WORSHIP!  We do offer a fine nursery as well.  Go to our Children’s Ministry Website to  learn more…

For Youth, we offer all kinds of experiences for teenagers in order for them to explore the meaning of their faith and put it into practice.  From Confirmation Class, typically in sixth grade, through high school graduation and beyond, our youth grow in their faith as “full and responsible members of Christ Holy Church,” and have a great time doing so!  From Sunday evening fellowship, to out of state mission trips and worship-based conferences and experiences, our youth ministry gives youth the self-identity, self-confidence and depth of faith they are yearning for.  Go to our Youth Ministry Website to learn more...

…For Adults, from college age to senior citizens, anyone can find a place to serve and grow in their faith.  Each year there are a variety of special classes, small group studies, and Bible studies, offered along with a variety of worship opportunities.  In addition there are numerous fellowship events and small groups designed to empower and enable people to be in service.  From our mission and outreach programs such as Feed Dat to service projects such as our Wheel Chair Ramp Ministry to our Prayer Shawl ministry and XYZ Club (Xtra Years of Zest), to the ARMY (handy man group), there is something for everyone to find a place of service and CONNECT.  FEEL CALLED TO START A NEW MINISTRY?  Come and try it at First Church!! 

But that’s not all!  There are music and worship opportunities as well, from choirs to hand bells to other performing ensembles, and even multimedia technicians.  There is the Pumpkin Patch and other community festivals.  From Sunday School classes and office volunteers to serving on administrative committees and offering your leadership, there is something for everyone!   


We are a “Family of Christ’s Servants, Sowing Seeds, Growing Branches, Harvesting for the Kingdom of God.”


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