First United Methodist Church Slidell, Louisiana
Sunday, January 20, 2019

“I want my life to matter; I want to make a difference”


            You matter!  God made you!  We believe God created everything.  God created YOU and called you “good.”  God loves us, just like we love and care for those near and dear to us.  In fact, God loved us so much, God became one of us to show us how to live and love one another.  “Jesus” was God in flesh and blood, and cared for us so much that gave us the opportunity to live happy and fulfilled lives here and now, and even forever!  One of the best ways to be filled by God is doing for others, just as Jesus did for us.  You want to make a REAL difference in the world?  Believe in Jesus as your teacher, guide, mentor, friend, and SAVIOR…saving you from yourself and all those things that we do that destroy our lives and separate us from God’s love.  THEN, reach out and take care of your neighbor and…SHARE THE LOVE!  You’ll FEEL IT!  And, you WILL make a difference in the world!