First United Methodist Church Slidell, Louisiana
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

“What is ‘Church’?”


            CHURCH IS PEOPLE!  Church is not a building or a place, but rather people who believe in Jesus Christ and who follow his teachings.  These same people love and care for others and reach out to others, just like Jesus did.  The Church tells others the Good News about Jesus: that he loves us and gives us opportunities to live full and wonderful lives, now and forever! 

ANYONE can join the Church simply by “professing your faith” - saying you BELIEVE in Jesus and want to follow his way of doing things. 

BAPTISM is a special experience that symbolizes you are part of “Christ Jesus’ Holy Church.”  It is also a symbol of the forgiveness of your “sins,” that “saving” of yourself from all those things we do that bring hurt in our lives and separate us from God’s love.